I am seeking men and women of color to become coaches for Founders of Color Business Roundtables. This is an extraordinary business opportunity for individuals with skill and comfort leading meetings , and some knowledge of business. There are two strengths required to success. The first is facilitating groups of business owners who meet regularly to help one another improve their businesses. This means managing a group of leaders who are not in the same industry, and all have strong personalities. The second skill is thinking on your feet to collect and focus the core issues in the conversation and weave in your own knowledge of business providing just-in-time insights for the members.

The ultimate goal is to build a long-lasting community with the same participants.  Business experience and business smarts enables the coach to build their credibility quickly as well as making strong contributions. Some of the things that develop business smarts are having had responsibility for the profit and loss performance of a business or business unit. The next thing that helps is having experience in multiple industries and types of organizations and businesses. The third part of this is being able to do quick, back-of-the-envelope thinking on your feet.

Experience as a management consultant and trainer maybe helpful, but this work goes way beyond being a trainer or consultant. You’re actually consulting with a dozen or more businesses simultaneously. The members of a Roundtable are generally highly motivated and inpatient. Just-in-time presentations are powerful, but extensive training or presentations may lose the members’ energy.

I’ve been leading this sort of Roundtable work for close to 30 years as well as being a strategic consultant at the executive level in 34 different industries. I am retired and looking for people I can pass my experience onto and help them make the Founders of Color Peer Roundtables described above an astounding, long-term success.

I am not sure what the business model will eventually become. Most of the businesses I’ve worked with have an annual revenue of between ½ a million and $10 million. They pay an annual fee that has range from $2,500-$6,000 a year.  Currently a successful REX table generates somewhere between 80 and hundred thousand dollars a year in fees.  Skilled facilitator can usually manage 3 to 4 of these roundtables at one time. The nicest impact of the Roundtable design is that they built such extraordinary glue between the members that marketing for new clients can take somewhat of a backseat. First of all members stay decades; and second of all members often do some significant part of the recruiting of new members.

If this has any appeal, let’s talk: Willing Phillips 858 – 829 – 1615c.