Members of Willing's longest lasting roundtable at their 20th anniversary, 2009. It is still operating with many of the same members today.

Two heads are better than one. How about 12 heads? A Business Peer Roundtable brings together about 12 business owners who are not competitors, and who are committed to sharing, helping and learning.

The roundtable meets regularly – usually monthly. During the opening months of the Corona – 19 pandemic our roundtables met weekly. Each meeting is a full day starting early and going through dinner (unless we are still zooming, in which case the meetings are half-day). Once or twice a year we will have a longer overnight retreat.

We expect members to attend regularly and to be present in each of our sessions. When a member is often absent or inattentive her or she is asked to resign.


The agenda is your agenda.  This is not a class or workshop where the presenter has an agenda. The agenda is built around the needs, wants and desires of the participants on what will improve the performance of their business and the quality of their life.  It may sound like 12 separate agendas, but there is great overlap.  Each meeting begins by asking participas “What issue, if we could make great progress on it today, would make this meeting extraordinarily valuable?” 95% of t¬he time everyone’s issue is covered by the close of the meeting.


  • Questions about improving marketing, sales and operational efficiency.

  • Identifying qualified vendors and professional service resources.

  • Sources of capital from investors, bank and SBA loans.

  • Hiring and keeping better people.

  • Compliance with state and federal regulations.

  • Negotiating leases and contracts.

  • Ensuring data privacy, physical security and computer security.

When questions like the above samples have been successfully addressed, we often move to organizational questions. These include topics like:


  • The secrets of successful delegation.

  • Conflicts with my partner or spouse

  • Building a culture that drives success.

  • Deciding when to fold and when to hang in there. And how to hang in there when it’s really tough.

  • Succession planning: who will run or buy my business?

  • Open book management enabling all employees to become better business thinkers.


Your roundtable chair will bring an extensive array of just-in-time learning to address needs these topics.  Even more importantly is the power and knowledge in the group. No one business leader knows how to do everything well. But every business leader knows how to do some things well. When this experience is pooled and shared everyone gets better.

On rare equations we will have brief visits from outsiders to focus on a specific topic. They are not allowed to sell only to share their experience.


Willing Phillips founded REX Roundtables For Executives in 1985.  He did had extensive experience as a strategic management consultant at the executive level in 34 industries and nine countries. In addition he was a featured Vistage speaker presenting to over 300 executive groups in North America, England Australia. Currently REX Roundtable serves over 250 business owners. They all happen to be an the health club industry. This photograph shows our clients at a national convention where they visited the San Diego Zoo for fun and to hear special REX presenter.

REX Roundtables has led executive groups of mixed businesses for the San Diego Chamber of Commerce as well as industry groups in the health club industry, museums, and interior landscaping.  Over 30 years Willing Phillips has developed a strong set of guidelines, case histories, resources and management briefings designed specifically for the closely held, small business. Many of these have a slightly different focus than the typical management information received from Fortune 500 public companies, business schools, banks and lawyers.
Willing Phillips currently continues to lead the Silverado Roundtable which he has facilitated for over 30 years. His successor, Eddie Tock, is now president of REX Roundtables.



Experts know extraordinary amounts about what they focus on. They can provide you with great knowledge if you know which expert to ask, and what question to ask them.  No expert except you is an expert on your business, your business conditions, your business philosophy, and your style of work and leadership.  This is the first great failing of outside expertise. It is not adapted to your business and to you.

The second great failing of outside expertise is that it does not implement the solutions and get the results that you want. It simply provides the ideas. Expert consultants move on and don’t stay in your business.

When you join a peer Roundtable your peers will hold you accountable for implementation at every meeting. They will not only help you figure out how to overcome difficulties in implementation, they will also hold your feet to the fire if you’re procrastinating.

The combined experience of 12 business peers will usually exceed the ability of any expert to make a difference in your business. If you look at the members comments on below or on the REX Roundtable’s website under testimonials, you’ll find dozens of comments by business leaders just like you on the extraordinary value of their Roundtable Membership.  Our roundtables have the lowest attrition rate of any executive roundtables in the world. We have many members who have been engaged for over three decades and never missed a meeting. We have others who have retired and pass their place in their Roundtable  onto their successor. The most common comment by a member is, “Joining this Roundtable is the most valuable and important business decision I’ve made in my life.”


Businesses whose founders are members of executive pay or roundtables outperform the best performers in their industry.  Roundtable membership is an extraordinary, secret weapon. Many members comment on how bringing a crisis or decision to their Roundtable peers for consultation save their business and their life.

The vast majority of business. Roundtables are populated by white business owners. I believe that this extraordinary tool for business success should be available to Black, Asian, Indigenous and People of Color.  It will give them an extraordinary advantage in the leg up on success and succession. I further believe that there will be important changes and fine tunings in how Peer Roundtables for people of color are designed and led. My commitment is to share all the knowledge I have from 30 years of Roundtable design and delivery for white business owners to establish equally effective roundtables for founders of color. A further commitment is to identify potential facilitators who are people of color to lead these roundtables. (See below), and coach them in their development.