When Everything Falls Apart
That’s When The Journey Begins

The Third Agenda designs settings for individual and organizational transformation through self-consciousness, deep curiosity in exploring radically new frames of reference which often reveal fresh perspectives and new opportunities for co-created vision and actions.

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Silverado Roundtable

A three decade roundtable of a dozen small business owners across the United States meet regularly to solve one another's problems, make better decisions and support one another during tough times.

Founders of Color Roundtables

An in-depth roundtable of a dozen business peers helping one another make better business decisions and support one another during hard times.  For Black, Indigenous and People of Color owned businesses.

Public Safety Redesign

A stunningly fresh and  effective process for bringing  community and police together, building trust to explore common ground in planning the future of public safety for all in their community.  Turning typical strategy and planning meetings on their head with four simple guidelines, this process successfully addresses highly conflicted issues to generate wide support for comprehensive action plans.

Coming To The Table Boston Metro

New Englanders of all colors engage in regular, zoom and in person dialogues using the safety and depth of the Circle Process to seek healing from the racial wounds of the past—from slavery and the many forms of racism it spawned.  Taking America Beyond the Legacy of Enslavement




Individuals and organizations can grow, improve and get better in three distinctly different but overlapping arenas or agendas. Each agenda makes the one before more powerful, efficient and effective.  People and organizations that get stuck are often focused on trying to get unstuck in the 1st  Agenda without taking advantage of the power of the 2nd  and 3rd  Agenda.  Each agenda requires different principles, skills and personas.

The 1st Agenda 

For An Individual includes education, skills, interests, possessions, careers, relationships and Geo locations.

For And Organization is the basic functions of marketing, sales, R&D, operations, finance, accounting, HR, personnel, IT, and legal.

The 1st agenda embodies specialization and variety.

The 2nd Agenda 

For An Individual it includes the over arching mechanisms that shape and integrate the elements in the first agenda into a whole person. It includes your values, experience, philosophy and persona.

For And Organization it is the strategic design elements that align, integrate and focus all functions in the1st Agenda so the organization is healthy and productive. It includes direction (purpose, vision, mission), strategy structure systems staffing rewards and culture.

The 2nd Agenda drives focus, integration and synergy.

The 3rd Agenda 

For An Individual it is their developmental stage and progress, recognition of and accommodation to their blind spots, shadow, emotional intelligence, and spiritual development.

For And Organization it is the developmental stage and progress of the leader (s).

The 3rd Agenda sets the limit on the organization’s ability to develop, adapt and transform itself throughout its lifecycle, and the level and speed of its resilience in crisis.

For more information:

Willing founded rector and tables in 1985. In 2020 he passed leadership on to his successor, Eddie Tock.  REX now has over 200 clients and half a dozen roundtable facilitators. As you look through the materials on this website you will see references to REX as well as to Dwellings latest adventure: The Third Agenda.

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Meet Willing Phillips

  • Outward Bound Chief Instructor, Colorado & Oregon

  • Mountaineering Chairman, Appalachian Mountain Club

  • Director of Science Department Shady Hill School, Cambridge

  • Founder Habitat School for the Environment, Belmont Hill

  • Co-Leader Mountaineering Expeditions to Alaska and Peru-Co.

  • Leade North American Andean Relief Expedition to Peru after the 1970 earthquake.

  • Director Massachusetts Quality of Working Life Center, Boston

  • Adizes Institute: Strategic Organizational Change Consultant, 34 industries, 9 countries.

  • Founder REX Roundtables for Executives.

  • Commodore Pelagic Sailing Club

  • Founder The Third Agenda

  • Happily married 30 years with 6 amazing daughters.



The green S Curves describes the process of growth in individual or an organization. There is a sequence of growth followed by inevitable plateauing and decline. Jumping from the plateauing/aging curve to the next growth curve is challenging and difficult. Understanding where you are on the curves, and what to do to move forward. It allows you and your organization to adapt and stay healthy. The red line represents the crucible of chaotic change in moving from the old curve to the new one.

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